IAF  Capital Sectors


Sub Saharan Africa

The Company has extensive experience in sub-Saharan Africa and advises Governments, publicly quoted and privately owned businesses.  Particular expertise is held in the fields of mining and infrastructure, with a growing practice advising on the structure and financing of energy and energy related projects. In addition to the sourcing of capital, the Company is able to procure appropriate contractors, together with supporting finance, from a number of major international firms.

Government Liaison
Our in-country presence and expertise in West Africa has created unique relationships with a number of governments and NGOs. We assist them in finding ways to increase their international exposure through natural resources, tourism, the financial markets and inward investment.

Natural Resources
We have strong relationships in West and East Africa at government and civil-servant level, which have been built over many years. We are able to offer practical advice and support regarding applications for exploration and mining licenses as well as assisting in the set-up and running of local offices.

Current Projects
We are currently working on mandates in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Rwanda. In addition, the team has experience in Ghana, South Sudan, Kenya and Mozambique.





Guinea (popluation 10.22 million)
IAF Capital Guinea Conakry capital
GDP $5.13 billion
FDI $101,4 million

Sierra Leone (popluation 5.991 million)
IAF Capital Freetown capital
GDP $2.242 billion
FDI $86.6 million
Liberia (popluation 4.129 million)
IAF Capital Liberia Monrovia capital
GDP $1.16 billion
FDI $452 million

Kenya (popluation 41.61 million)
IAF Capital Kenya Nairobi capital
GDP $33.62 billion
FDI $184 million
Rwanda (popluation 10.94 million)
IAF Capital Rwanda Kigali2 capital
GDP $6.38 billion
FDI $42 million

Cote D’Ivoire (popluation 22.40 million)
cote iv capital
GDP $40.34 billion
FDI $433 million

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